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Face Lifting

Face Lifting

Face Lifting

Face lifting (ritidectomy) is a surgical method to relieve aging of the face by stretching and hanging wrinkles. Recently all attempts to face aging have begun to be called facial rejuvenation.
As people age, with effects of sun , daily stress and other factors (cigarette, drink, bad nutrition) facial skin hangs, wrinkles, various stains and irregularities occur on. For old faces we can say; there is an image where forehead lines are prominent, eyebrows have fallen, eyelids are sagged, bags and lines are formed under the eyes, deep lines are formed in the mouth of the mouth, cheeks are sagged, jaw contours are lost, neck is oiled and skin curtains are formed.

Face lifting and renewal surgeries remove sagging and irregularities on the forehead, face and neck; excess fat tissue on the cheek and neck, the facial tissues are reinforced, eyelids are corrected and other complementary attempts can be made.

Who are the best applicants for this operation?

The ideal people to face lifting surgery, the skin of the face and neck began to sag, but still does not lose the elasticity of the skin, have no other health problems.

Before Operation

If you are smoking, you must leave 10 days before the surgery.


This type of surgery can take 3-10 hours depending on the technique and what to do. It is possible to go home the same day, but it is usually convenient to stay in hospital for 1 night. If the fats under the jaws are removed, there can be scars below 3-5 mm the jaw if the eyelid and forehead are also corrected, additional scars can remain on the eyelids and forehead. However, these scars on the face are mostly non-visible and can be hidden.

After Operation

During surgery, facial nerves may be slightly affected by anesthesia and may have slight asymmetries. They can pass by themselves within 3-5 days. Cold pad is applied to the head wrap and cheeks to keep the eyes, nose and mouth open. In order to prevent the accumulation of blood in the tissue can be put silicon pipes called resistance. Resistance is taken within 2 days at the latest.The winding opens completely after 2-3 days. Hair can be washed during this period. If the stitches are not melted type, they are taken after 5-7 days.

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