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Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominoplasty surgery is appropriate for people who have excess fat and abdominal laxity problem. Women who do not respond to exercise and diet, but who have abdominal skin sagging are the candidates for this operation. This surgery is especially useful for women who have given birth a few times, fractures in the skin of the abdomen, have sagged, and have weakened abdominal muscles. Patients who want to lose weight should postpone this surgery. Also women who intend to give birth should postpone that surgery after that period. People who have excess fat should lose weight before the surgery. With this operation, the fat belly and abdomen appear to improve dramatically, but the scar associated with the operation becomes permanent.

If smokers are planning a tummy tuck surgery, they should stop smoking 1 month in advance and not drink one month after the operation. If vitamin E and aspirin are used, should be discontinued and strict diet regimens should be avoided. A cold or other infection may require the postponement of the operation. Generally, general anesthesia is preferred for this operation. Full abdominoplasty, depending on the width of the operation 2-5 hours, mini abdominoplasty can last 1-2 hours. You need to stay in the hospital for 1-3 days.

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